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At Mama is a bistro designed around your needs, to offer you all the taste of good Italian food comfortably seated at the restaurant, but also at home, with take away service from the adjacent shop, or delivered at your place.

We have collected the excellence of Italian flavors to guarantee quality tasting experience in a convivial atmosphere where emerges the naturalness of our products.

At Mama Bistrot offers a restaurant service with daily fresh dishes respecting the Italian gastronomic tradition. Healthy cooking, fast and fresh with high quality products at a fair price.
The bistro with shop and takeaways for your quick meals at home or in the office. A wide range of natural products and 100% Italian to buy and enjoy anywhere you want.
Daily fresh products, 100% Italian, and naturally good. Our home delivery service you can enjoy the unique taste of good Italian food directly to your home.

Our products


to Mamà Bistrot proposes the freshness of Italian pasta, the DOP buffalo mozzarella DOP and artisan cold cuts seasoned specially for us. We revisited the best dishes of Italian culinary tradition by offering unique seasonal flavors. Master Pastry Chef Enrico Rizzi proposes the selection to Mamà of macarons, chocolates, jellies and ice cream.

In the path of gastronomic discovery we are accompanied by Italian Beretta DOP cold cuts. The specialties of the most authentic of the delicatessen and Italian cuisine that combines tradition, modernity, and providing customer service excellence in quality and safety through the direct commitment of the Beretta family.

FOODES offers a new cooking method based on the engineering of the vacuum applied to the quality catering service. It provides haute cuisine gourmet products. The dishes range from the tradition of the Italian territories, to more contemporary recipes, vegetarian, gluten-free, so as to meet all customer needs.

Jarit objective was to enclose inside a jar a dining experience. A high quality dish, prepared with the best ingredients and according to the tradition of Italian recipes prepared by Italian Michelin starred Chef. Enrico Rizzi embodies the excellence of Italian sweet / salty hand made, thanks to which you will start a perfect sensory journey through ice creams, sorbets, chocolate pralines, jellies and macarons for the successful development of the perfect experiential framework.

Unique dishes


al Mamà Bistrot, was set up in Turin as a platform dedicated to the excellence of Italian buffalo mozzarella cheese, fresh pasta combined with innovative cuisine using new low-temperature cooking technologies. Italian DOP cold cuts and homemade selection of dessert are completing the culinary journey, ready to satisfy the most demanding Customers.




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